Mountains and Plateaux

Mulanje Massif – It is the highest mountain in Central Africa (3050m) and has the largest rock climb in the world. A very scenic mountain with the rare Mulanje cedar. It consists of a series of plateaus with about 26 peaks offering excellent and challenging climbs. Mulanje Mountain is only 80 km from Blantyre through endless picturesque tea fields.

Zomba plateau - 2,000m above sea level - offers spectacular views of Zomba town and Lake Chilwa from Queen’s view or Emperor’s View. Ideal for nature walks in its cool forests.

Nyika plateau
Declared a park in 1965, the Nyika National Park became the first certified Park in Malawi. It encompasses the majority of the Nyika Plateau area in the Northern Region. It is the largest (covering an area of over 3,000 sq. km) and highest (heights averaging 1,800m) of Malawi's parks bordering Zambia on the western side. The area is virtually uninhabited by man, with only a few settlements of Aphoka people. The Nyika is covered in moor-like, treeless grasslands, endless rolling hills, occasionally interrupted by pockets of evergreen forest in the ravines and valleys. There are numerous waterfalls on rivers flowing off the high plateau.